The Benefits of Professional Cleanup

When blood, bodily fluids, or other hazardous conditions are present inside your home or business, you will need the services of a professional biohazard cleanup company. There are a number of reasons to hire Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC: Safer – Biohazard cleanup can expose the cleaner to numerous health risks, including a large number of life-threatening diseases. When unsafe and unclean conditions are present, call in the professionals to make sure your family and employees aren’t exposed to risk of sickness or disease during and after cleanup. Easier – Even if you had the personal safety equipment necessary to safely cleanup biohazardous situations and waste, it could take days to effectively clean a biohazardous area without heavy-duty cleaning equipment. Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC, can save you a lot of time so you can get back to your normal routine faster.

Novel Corona Virus - COVID19

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With COVID19 spreading rapidly around the world, we at Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC are always here to clean and disinfect any business, school, place of worship, government, health care facility or home. The highly contagious nature of the virus requires the complete and thorough cleaning of all areas, and is an important step in mitigating the virus and reducing additional infection.

For professional and reliable COVID19 decontamination services, call us for your free evaluation..

Why is the COVID19 so contagious?

Easily spread from person to person and through touching contaminated surfaces, the COVID19 coronavirus is highly contagious. While the COVID19 virus needs to enter the body through a person’s nose or mouth, there are multiple ways this can happen:

  • Infected surfaces: When a person infected with COVID19 touches a surface, the virus can be left behind. Ready to be picked up by another person.
  • Moisture Droplets: When someone infected with the virus sneezes, coughs, or takes a breath and exhales, the virus is inside tiny moisture droplets released into the air, free to be inhaled by another person or fall on a surface waiting to be touched..
  • Personal contact: The virus can be spread from person to person through close personal contact such as a hug, a kiss, shaking hands, or a casual touch..

Because of the various ways people become infected, it is important to avoid touching our face, to regularly clean surfaces in our space, and wash our hands often.

What are the symptoms of the COVID19?

COVID19 can look a like a head cold or the flu. The incubation period can be up to 14 days before symptoms appear. Characterized by a fever and dry cough, It is a respiratory illness infecting your lungs.  You may have had people in your home or business, who don’t know they are infected. They inadvertently leave the virus behind. Even if they do show symptoms, it can easily be mistaken for the flu or a cold, but having far more negative health affects. Some of the symptoms include:

  • fever
  • sore throat
  • dry cough

What do I do, if I have been exposed?

If you have a business, school, place of worship, government, retail space or a medical facility that has been exposed to COVID19, someone has tested positive for the virus, or there is a potential that exposure has occured, then professional disinfection cleaning is a must. Your first step is to clear the area and keep people out to minimize the risk.. We will come in and clean, while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), and use EPA Approved disinfectants to clean all areas and wipe all horizontal surfaces for a detailed decontamination cleaning..

Call us today for help in navigating the COVID19 situation

We at Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC are here and ready to help. Whether you have a situation where someone has tested positive for the COVID19, or you have a possible exposure risk, we are here to help.  Call us today 844-4-BIOCLEAN

Why Choose Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC?

Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC has over 28 years dealing with all kinds of infection decontamination scenarios. We are here to help and ready to serve and assist. We understand how important it is to get your business or household back to running normally with as minimal disruption as possible. We are here to help relieve the challenges. In times of difficulty, we give peace of mind and a fresh start. Give us a call for your free evaluation. Providing small businesses with discounted services during this crisis.

Our Certified and Insured staff adheres to all local and federal rules and regulations. We take pride in our work and in the level of detail we provide. Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC cares about your situation, and will do what is needed to protect you, your family, your loved ones, and your community.

Blood And Bodily Fluid Remediation

Biohazard situations present health, safety, and occupant challenges. At Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC, we follow OSHA’s bloodborne pathogen regulations and practice universal precautions to protect our clients, employees, and their facilities and residences. Our science-based process ensures that we contain the affected areas to prevent cross-contamination, remove all traces of blood and biological materials, disinfect and deodorize, and test to confirm that the affected areas are free of pathogens. We are diligent and thorough because we understand that the health and safety of you and your family are of the utmost importance. Always confidential and discreet.

To many, biohazard remediation (and its common alternative, crime scene cleanup) sounds like standard cleaning. In reality, the two services couldn’t be more different. Biohazard remediation refers to the removal, cleaning, and disinfection of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially harmful pathogens in affected areas after a death, accident, or communicable disease outbreak. Due to the high exposure risk to bloodborne pathogens, biohazard remediation is a specialty service that requires proper training, equipment and certification.

With more than 25 years in the industry, we adhere to the highest standards in biohazard remediation and cleaning to ensure that our customers and employees are fully protected. We stand behind our work with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Sewage Cleanup, Deodorization And Odor Control

Sewage and Waste Water Contamination can expose you, your family, your home or business, and others to potentially lethal pathogens. When cleaning up after a spill or back-up, time is of the essence. Removal of all contamination and contaminated materials as quickly as possible is essential.

With years of experience, we have dealt with minor bathroom back-flows to entire apartment complexes flooded by sewage back-ups. For a complete and thorough evaluation, give us a call today. At Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC, we handle all aspects of your mitigation and drying. From initial evaluation to deodorization and final cleaning of all affected items. We work with you, hand in hand to salvage what is important and discard what is damaged.

Feel free to give us a call at 844.4.BIO CLEAN, or send us an email Confidential and discreet. To help you get through the toughest situations. When The Unthinkable Becomes Reality, we are here for you.

Hoarding and Crime Scene Cleanup

  • Clutter and Full Hoarding

From clutter removal to when items are from floor to ceiling, we can handle hoarding any situation, big or small. Hoarding can quickly become an overwhelming task and cleaning it up on your own can be both tedious and dangerous. We handle all aspects from sorting to trash-out and haul-away. Call today for your evaluation.

  • Animal Hoarding (A dangerous Situation)

Animal waste and dander can be unsafe when not properly contained and regularly cleaned. Air particles can seep into your belongings and food you consume causing harm to your health. We can rid your home of all traces leaving it as clean as it has ever been.

  • Cross-Contamination Cleaning and Disinfection

Bacteria, mold, feces are all harmful and need to be cleaned up correctly and thoroughly. Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC has highly trained technicians with the skills and equipment necessary to get the job done. If left alone, mold can spread and become deadly in certain cases. Let the professionals take care of it so there’s no need to worry.

  • Hazardous Materials Removal and Disposal

Animal and human waste need to be disposed of properly and safely. Our technicians are certified to do so. We will come in, evaluate and get to work to clean, sanitize, and remove all odors associated with your situation.

  • Valuables Recovery and Decontamination

We make it a priority to find items of value. Whether it is a wallet or legal documents important to you. After clutter has accumulated in your home, it may be difficult to find the things you really need. Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC will make sure we find and return all your essential belongings. 

  • Deep Clean and Sanitize All Areas

The first step is to declutter and then deep clean. With the proper methods and procedures, many items that look ruined, can be cleaned and saved. If you have things you are worried about, we will evaluate each item and see what we can do.

      •   Crime Scene Trauma Cleanup

For over 25 years, Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC professionals have helped with  Crime Scene and Traumatic Events.  MCR LLC Staff is caring, compassionate, and discreet, with quite a varied experience in crime scene and traumatic events cleanup.

  1.  Owner or Senior Manager On Call 24/7/365 
  2.  Our  Professionals Have Over 25 Years Experience in Crime Scene and Trauma Cleanup
  3. We Are Certified for Bloodborne Pathogens Cleaning and Disinfection
  4. We Focus Heavily On The Health & Safety Of Your Space
  5. We are available 24/7/365 for all of your needs.
  6. We Can Provide References Upon Request
  7. We use CDC Approved and EPA Register Disinfectants for the Crime Scene and Trauma Cleanup
  8. We take photos of the entire process to enable the policy holder and adjuster to understand why the removal of porous and damaged materials is required, what was disposed of, and why Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC employees had to use certain protective equipment.


Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC is Centrally Located in the Four Corners with response teams ready to head to you. Call 844.4.BIO CLEAN today for your evaluation.

Why Biohazard Response?

Mishaps and Chaos Recovery LLC is the clear choice for biohazard cleanup services in Southwest Colorado and Beyond. Serving the Four Corners States. Our team consists of certified bio-technicians and trauma scene managers. Our cleaning company is fully certified, bonded and insured to provide biohazard scene cleanup in Southwest Colorado. Most costs may be covered by your insurance policy. No down payments are required, and we will work with your insurance company to assist with your policy claim. Call us at (844) 4-BIOCLEAN to learn more about our cleaning services or to request an estimate, fill out the information below and tell us how we can help. We immediately put an expert in front of you to answer any questions.  

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We Are Here To Keep You Safe During Covid-19

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